Malaika Smile consists of first of all members, godparents, donors and children in Germany and Uganda. In order to realize our visions, two teams in Germany and Uganda are working hand in hand. The teams are structured in a board of the association and the NGO (non-governmental organization) in Uganda.

Christine Irtenkauf

1st board member of Malaika Smile in Germany and Malaika Smile in Uganda

Malaika Smile is a matter of heart to me, which I encounter with my complete power and deVOTION as well with a smile every day.

My focus goes completely to the well-being to a safe future of the children of this earth. The whole potential for a better world lies in them.

I’m happy and grateful for the dedicated and motivated team (working) at my side.

Alex Ssekabira

Secretary and 2nd treasurer of the NGO

Since the almighty loving God blessed me as unprivileged, young boy with a wonderful and beautiful family, the Irtenkauf family, that supported me all the way to the university with much love and joy I would love to work with Malaika Smile for a good and positive cause of the mission and vision of Malaika Smile. Sharing cultural differences together with the people from Germany and other as we learn from each other for a positive change together. And build a strong confident generation of Ugandan-German people.

I love to share the truth of God in Jesus Christ with people. I love music, dance and drama. I love seeing people in joy and happiness and in good health. I like also knowing and discovering different cultures and values of different people around the world.

Ritah Nawumonge

Mama Melissa is our house mother and cook in Uganda

I love working for Malaika Smile because I love children and making new friends. We love each other at Malaika smile and work together as a team. That is very important for me. I also love to have a big family for my two girls here at Malaika Smile.

Marvin Ssuuna

Supervisor and office work in Uganda

God expresses his love towards me every single day and He expects me to share love with those He brings in my life. Malaika Smile gives me the perfect environment to share love expecially with the children. I love being a part of a process of nurturing the young ones with any gift the Lord has blessed me with.
Besides that, it is a joy for me to be a part of the caring and loving family of Malaika Smile.

Richard Mwebe

Supervisor and driver in Uganda

I love working with Malaika Smile because it is a great family full of love and unity.

Second is because I love to care for the children and see them grow up in the knowledge and discipline, which of course gives them a brighter future, and so I would live to be a part of that.

Samali Nabukenya

HomeTeacher of our youngest ones


Malaika smile Uganda is a blessing to God's angels as it has contributed a lot towards the development of the young generation. Serving and working with Malaika Smike is a great pleasure for me as a teacher. God bless you.


Uwe Irtenkauf

2nd board member in Germany

Caring for the children from the slums is especially important to me: so that they get access to to get to education, a good school graduation and the opportunity to do a professional training. This all should be done in a safe home, in which they are accommodated well and are nourished every day.

If we can facilitate the life of one single child with our support, we have already achieved a lot.

Barbara Ladner

Treasurer, administration of members and press releases in Germany

as well as communication, information and issuing of donation receipts

I would like to support Christine in her work as far as possible, so that she has more time for the exchange with our supervisors Alex and Mama Melissa and for the MALAIKA Smile children and teens.

It is important for me to do promotion for Malaika Smile in order to find as much supporters as possible.

"If many are giving little, big things can happen."

Silvia Braun

Event manager in Germany

Children are the weakest members of the society. With the foundation of our association we can provide a home and education to children in Uganda. So we can help them to gain foothold / establish and create the future in their country - according to the idea of Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach: “Who doesn’t know anything, has to believe everything.”

That’s my wish for the children entrusted to our care in their home country Uganda.

Heike Stader

Event manager in Germany

The association is dear to my heart because it has been founded with much love of the heart and everything, which is given goes directly to the children in Uganda. I hope that many members, goodparents, sponsors and donors will join us, so that we can support everything.

Janine Irtenkauf

Public relations in Germany and Uganda and in charge of the homepage in Germany

After my first visit in Uganda in 2016 I hope that we can make the life and future of the children in Kampala a little brighter. I hope to do so by being in contact with them, making them more strong and confident in their life and helping them to find their own strength.

I am so blessed by being born in a country like Germany, being raised by loving parents, having education my whole life and being able to achieve everything I work for. I am thankful for that everyday and want to give something back and share my blessings.

Jan Irtenkauf

Treasurer in Uganda as well as technical and manual leader in Uganda

Helping and supoorting other people was and is ever since in my interest and because of that it was clear to me right away that I want to work for this project to share the happiness and our life with those who need it.

As André Gibe once said: “The secret of happiness is not possessing but giving. Who makes others happy will be happy.” And I think we at Malaika Smile found that luck in the hearts and the laugh of the children we can see everyday.

Mareike Hördt

(In the national language of Uganda, Luganda, my name is MALAIKA, which means angel)

2nd secretary in Uganda.
Responsible / Representative for the sponsorships / godparenthoods and contact to Uganda from Germany and social media in Germany.

The people in Uganda inspire and thrill me personally, most of all the children. They charm me with their openness and their huge hearts. I support the work of MALAIKA Smile because I want those values to spread above borders and countries.

Manfred Braun

Event manager in Germany

The association is dear to my heart because it has been founded with much love of the heart and everthing, which is given goes directly to the children in Uganda. I hope that many members, goodparents, sponsors and donors will join us, so that we can support everything.