NOW, perhaps,
together with you,
sowing the seed, planting a tree,
which will be nourished by great, huge
but also small and tender roots,
whose big and tiny branches and sprouts,
whose leaves breathe freedom,
providing room, light and
sweeping up

Social Engagement is nothing more
than the respect for a greater family
then the own.
Sir Peter Ustinov

Welcome at Malaika Smile e.V.

WE are happy that YOU visit our homepage and we wish YOU great joy in getting to know us.

WE that’s us Christine "Mama Christin", Uwe "Daddy Uwe", "Sis" Janine, "Bro" Jan und "Sis Malaika" Mareike Irtenkauf as founding family of this association.

Furthermore our two African supervisors Alex Ssekabira and Mama Melissa and of course all of our many members, the energetic and motivated board, the committed godparents, our sponsors and all the ones interested in MALAIKA Smile.

WE want to enable east African children the life and love in a „bigger family“ than the own, a life and experience of African and German roots.

WE made it to our task to help children in east Africa, in Uganda. WE take care of and finance the maintenance and education of children from social weak families without the chance for education.

The children come from different slums and peripheral regions in Kampala. The children are orphans or partly orphans, living with family members, aunts or greatparents. We also support children from our local community. All children do not have the chance to go to school because of the lack of financing or opportunities there.

WE want to give those children a future-oriented, structured and lasting life as well as acting.

WE want to open the awareness of the children so they can use their whole inner strength and potentials and further more look into an independent future with confidence and joy.

WE want to be an example for a mutual and shared act and change in thinking and act. WE want to be an example for a greater family than our own.

And WE are very happy that you accompany and support us on this way.

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 Malaika Smile